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      Glutaraldehyde sterilizing agent

      product name Glutaraldehyde sterilizing agent
      CAS No. 111-30-8

      1) Appearance: colorless to light yellow oily liquid
      2) Packaging: 25kg or 220kg/plastic drum or 1100kg/IBC tank
      3) UN code: 2922 PG: Ⅱ Hazard class: 8 (6.1)
      4) HS code: 2912190090

      Structural formula Glutaraldehyde sterilizing agent

      Glutaraldehyde is widely used in petroleum extraction, medical and health care, biochemistry, protein cross-linking agent, etc. It is also used in instrument hygiene, leather treatment, plastics, adhesives, fuels, spices, textiles, paper making, printing and pHotograpHic industries. And it can be used in the synthesis of a variety of organic reagents and the production of heterocyclic compounds.

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